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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language that specifies the decoration and display format of web pages made with HTML. Its primary purpose is to enable developers to customize how each element is arranged and drawn when the browser loads the web page. When it comes to web development, HTML and CSS are essential languages. 

This page is a complete CSS reference for all the properties and pseudo-classes in the official specification. Everything in this reference is organized on a category basis (E.g. Text Style properties). We’ve also prepared an Introduction to CSS tutorial and built a separate reference for Grid and Flexbox. You can access these from the sidebar below.


Text Style

The text style properties relate to managing and applying styles to text.

Text Alignment

The text alignment properties relate to text and paragraph position behavior.


Pseudo-classes provide functions that are used to style elements based on a specific state.

Background & Borders

All the properties below relate to managing background images, colors, and borders.