Microsoft Edge

May 20, 2023

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft Corporation. It was first released in July 2015 as the default browser for Windows 10, replacing Internet Explorer. Edge is also available on other operating systems such as macOS, iOS, and Android. The browser is designed to offer a fast, secure, and modern browsing experience to its users.


Microsoft Edge is built on the Chromium open-source project, which means it has many similarities to Google Chrome. However, Microsoft has added several unique features to Edge that differentiate it from other browsers.


One of the most notable features of Microsoft Edge is Collections. Collections allow users to gather information from the web and organize it into a format that is easy to read and share. Users can save images, text, and links from web pages and organize them into groups. Collections can be exported as a Word document or Excel spreadsheet and shared with others.


Microsoft Edge also supports inking, which allows users to annotate web pages using a digital pen or touch input. Users can highlight text, draw on the page, or circle important information.

Web Capture

Web Capture allows users to take screenshots of entire web pages or portions of web pages. Users can then save the screenshots to their device or share them with others.

Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader is a feature that can be used to improve reading comprehension. When enabled, it removes distractions from the web page and presents the text in a simplified format. Users can adjust the text size, font, and background color to make it easier to read.

Vertical Tabs

Vertical Tabs is a feature that allows users to view their open tabs in a vertical list on the side of the browser window. This can be especially useful for users who have many tabs open at once.

Password Monitor

Password Monitor is a feature that alerts users if any of their saved passwords have been compromised in a data breach. This allows users to take action to protect their accounts before any damage is done.

Tracking Prevention

Tracking Prevention is a feature that blocks third-party trackers from following users across the web. This can help protect user privacy and prevent advertisers from tracking users’ online behavior.


Microsoft Edge is designed to be a fast and responsive browser. It uses the same browser engine as Google Chrome, which means it can handle complex web applications and multimedia content with ease. Microsoft has also added several performance-enhancing features to Edge, such as background tab throttling and page prediction.

Background Tab Throttling

Background Tab Throttling is a feature that limits the amount of resources that inactive tabs can use. This can help improve overall system performance and reduce battery drain.

Page Prediction

Page Prediction is a feature that uses machine learning algorithms to predict which web pages users are likely to visit next. This allows Edge to preload those pages in the background, which can reduce page load times.


Microsoft Edge is designed to be a secure browser. It includes several features that help protect users from online threats, such as phishing and malware.


SmartScreen is a feature that helps protect users from phishing and malware attacks. When enabled, it checks the websites that users visit against a list of known malicious sites. If it detects a potential threat, it will display a warning message to the user.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is a feature that helps protect users from downloading and running malware on their device. When enabled, it checks files that users download against a list of known malicious files. If it detects a potential threat, it will display a warning message to the user.

InPrivate Browsing

InPrivate Browsing is a feature that allows users to browse the web without saving any history, cookies, or other data. This can be useful for users who want to keep their online activity private.


Microsoft Edge is designed to work with modern web standards and technologies. It includes support for HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Edge also includes several features that make it easier for developers to create web applications that work across different devices and platforms.

Web Platform

Microsoft Edge supports many of the latest web standards and technologies, such as WebAssembly, WebRTC, and WebVR. It also includes support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which are web applications that can be installed on a user’s device like a native app.

Developer Tools

Microsoft Edge includes a set of developer tools that can be used to debug and optimize web applications. The tools include a DOM Explorer, Console, and Debugger.


WebDriver is a feature that allows developers to automate web browser testing. Microsoft Edge includes support for WebDriver, which means developers can use it to test their web applications across different platforms and devices.