clear – Clears any information on the terminal on the current screen

The clear command is used to clear the terminal screen. It is a basic command that is used to remove any text or information that is currently displayed on the screen. This command is useful when the screen is cluttered with information, and you want to start fresh.


To use the clear command, simply type clear into the terminal and press enter. This will clear the screen, and you will be left with a blank terminal prompt.

Here is an example of how to use the clear command:

$ clear

This will clear the terminal screen.


The clear command has no options.

Troubleshooting tips

If the clear command does not clear the screen, it may be because there is a process running in the background that is outputting information to the terminal. To fix this, you can either stop the process or use the reset command to reset the terminal.


  • The clear command does not delete any information that was previously displayed on the screen. It simply clears the screen and leaves the history intact.
  • The clear command can be used in combination with other commands to clear the screen before running a new command. For example, you can use clear && ls to clear the screen and then list the contents of the current directory.