lftpget – Call the lftp command to download the specified file

Lftpget is a Linux command that allows users to download files using the lftp command. The lftp command is a powerful and versatile FTP client that supports multiple protocols such as FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, HFTP, FISH, SFTP, and BitTorrent. Lftpget is a wrapper script that simplifies the process of downloading files using lftp by automatically handling some of the command-line options and parameters.


The syntax for using lftpget is as follows:

lftpget [options] URL

Where URL is the URL of the file to be downloaded. Lftpget supports various protocols and can download files from FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, and BitTorrent servers.

Here are some examples of how to use lftpget:

  • Download a file using FTP:
lftpget ftp://example.com/file.txt
  • Download a file using HTTP:
lftpget http://example.com/file.txt
  • Download a file using SFTP:
lftpget sftp://user@example.com/file.txt
  • Download a file using BitTorrent:
lftpget "torrent://file.torrent"

Lftpget also supports resuming interrupted downloads and downloading multiple files at once. To resume an interrupted download, use the -c option followed by the URL of the partially downloaded file. To download multiple files, specify the URLs of the files separated by spaces.


Here are the available options for lftpget:

Option Description
-c Resume an interrupted download
-v Verbose output
-h Display help information
-V Display version information

Troubleshooting tips

  • If lftpget fails to download a file, try using the -v option to enable verbose output. This will provide more information about any errors that occur.
  • If lftpget is unable to establish a connection to the server, ensure that the server is running and that the URL is correct.
  • If lftpget is unable to authenticate with the server, ensure that the correct username and password are specified in the URL or provide them using the user and password options.


  • Lftpget is a wrapper script that calls the lftp command to download files. Therefore, the lftp command must be installed on the system for lftpget to work.
  • Lftpget is included in the lftp package, which is available in most Linux distributions’ package repositories.