neofetch – Tool to display system information with distribution logos

Neofetch is a command-line tool that displays system information with distribution logos. It is a useful tool for system administrators who need to quickly check information about the system they are working on. Neofetch displays information such as the operating system, kernel version, CPU, GPU, and memory usage, among others.


To use Neofetch, simply open a terminal and type neofetch. Neofetch will then display the system information in the terminal window. The display includes the distribution logo, the distribution name and version, the desktop environment, the CPU and GPU information, the memory usage, and the kernel version.


$ neofetch

Neofetch can also be customized to display only specific information. For example, to display only the distribution logo and name, type neofetch --ascii_distro. To display only the CPU and GPU information, type neofetch --cpu_brand --gpu_brand.

Use cases

  • Quickly check system information
  • Display system information in screenshots or videos
  • Customize the display to show only specific information


The following table lists all available options for the Neofetch command.

Option Description
--ascii, --ascii_art Display an ASCII art logo instead of the distribution logo
--ascii_distro Display only the ASCII art distribution logo
--color_blocks Use color blocks instead of ASCII art
--config Print the location of the config file
--cpu_brand Display only the CPU brand
--cpu_model Display only the CPU model
--cpu_speed Display only the CPU speed
--cpu_temp Display only the CPU temperature
--cpu_usage Display only the CPU usage
--disk_info Display only the disk information
--disk_display Display only the disk usage bar
--distro_icon Display only the distribution icon
--distro_name Display only the distribution name
--distro_version Display only the distribution version
--gpu_brand Display only the GPU brand
--gpu_model Display only the GPU model
--gpu_temp Display only the GPU temperature
--gpu_usage Display only the GPU usage
--gtk2 Use GTK2 instead of GTK3
--gtk3 Use GTK3 instead of GTK2
--image_path Set the path to the image file
--memory_display Display only the memory usage bar
--memory_info Display only the memory information
--no_color Disable color output
--off Disable Neofetch
--refresh_rate Set the refresh rate in seconds
--shell_path Set the path to the shell file
--song Display only the song information
--song_display Display only the song information bar
--stdout Output to stdout instead of stderr
--theme Set the theme
--uptime Display only the uptime
--wm Display only the window manager

Troubleshooting tips

  • If Neofetch is not displaying the correct information, try updating the system or installing the latest version of Neofetch.
  • If Neofetch is not displaying any information, make sure that the necessary system information is available and accessible to Neofetch.
  • If Neofetch is displaying incorrect information, check the system configuration and make sure that all the components are correctly identified.


  • Neofetch is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  • Neofetch is open-source software and can be customized to fit specific needs.
  • Neofetch can be used to display system information in scripts or other applications.