telnet – Log in to the remote host and manage (test whether the IP port is connected)

The telnet command is a utility that allows users to log in to a remote host and manage it. It is used to test whether a specific IP port is open and accepting connections. Telnet is a client-server protocol that allows the user to connect to a remote system over the internet or a local network.


The telnet command is used to establish a connection with a remote host via the command line. The syntax for using the command is as follows:

telnet [options] [host [port]]
  • options: Optional arguments that modify the behavior of the command.
  • host: The hostname or IP address of the remote server.
  • port: The port number to connect to on the remote server.

To establish a connection with a remote server, enter the following command in the terminal:

telnet 80

This will connect to the web server running on on port 80. If the connection is successful, the user will be presented with a login prompt. Once logged in, the user can manage the remote server by entering commands.


The following table lists the available options for the telnet command:

Option Description
-a Attempt automatic login.
-E Enable escape character recognition.
-e Set the escape character.
-l Specify the username to use for login.
-L Turn on local mode.
-n Disable network function.
-r Turn off carriage return stripping.
-t Turn on telnet negotiation.
-K Enable encryption.
-X Enable X display location.

Troubleshooting tips

Here are some troubleshooting tips for common issues with the telnet command:

  • If the connection fails, make sure that the remote server is running and that the correct port number is being used.
  • If the connection is successful but the login prompt does not appear, try pressing the Enter key to force the prompt to appear.
  • If the connection is slow or unresponsive, try increasing the timeout value using the -t option.
  • If the connection is dropping frequently, try using a different port number or a different protocol altogether.


  • Telnet is an insecure protocol and should not be used to transmit sensitive information over the internet.
  • SSH is a more secure alternative to Telnet and should be used whenever possible.