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Create and extract tar archives

This guide provides information on how to create a Bash script for creating and extracting tar archives.


The script will enable users to:

  • Create tar archives
  • Extract tar archives
  • Provide custom options and settings


This guide assumes that you are familiar with Linux and Bash.


1. Creating the Bash Script

Open a text editor and create a new file named tar_script.sh.

nano tar_script.sh

2. Defining the Bash Interpreter

Start your script by defining the Bash interpreter:


3. Defining Functions

We will define two main functions in our script: one for creating tar archives (create_tar), and another for extracting tar archives (extract_tar).

Creating Tar Archives

create_tar() {
    tar -cvf $1 $2
    echo "Tar file $1 created with contents: $2"

Here, $1 is the name of the tar file to be created, and $2 are the files to be added to the tar archive. -c creates a new archive, -v shows the progress in the terminal, and -f allows to specify the name of the archive.

Extracting Tar Archives

extract_tar() {
    tar -xvf $1 -C $2
    echo "Tar file $1 extracted to directory: $2"

Here, $1 is the name of the tar file to be extracted, and $2 is the directory where the files will be extracted. -x extracts the archive, -v shows the progress in the terminal, -f allows to specify the name of the archive, and -C specifies the directory for the extracted files.

4. Implementing User Input

The user can select whether to create or extract a tar archive, and specify custom settings.

read -p "Enter (c)reate or (e)xtract: " operation
case $operation in
        read -p "Enter name of tar file: " tarfile
        read -p "Enter files to archive: " files
        create_tar $tarfile $files
        read -p "Enter name of tar file: " tarfile
        read -p "Enter directory for extracted files: " directory
        extract_tar $tarfile $directory
        echo "Invalid option. Please enter 'c' for create or 'e' for extract."

Here, we are using the read command to get the user’s input, and case command to handle the user’s choice. If the user enters c, the create_tar function is executed. If e is entered, the extract_tar function is executed.

5. Save and Exit

Save the changes and exit from the editor.

6. Make the Script Executable

Make the script executable using the following command:

chmod +x tar_script.sh

7. Run the Script

Now, you can run the script with:



This script provides the basic functionality for creating and extracting tar archives with the ability for user-provided custom options. Note that this is a basic implementation and might need to be modified according to different user needs and system environments.

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