10 Best WordPress Church Website Themes

Best WordPress Church Website Themes

When it comes to creating an inviting and engaging online presence for your church, WordPress is the go-to platform for many religious organizations. But with so many themes to choose from, how do you select the perfect one to represent your church’s unique character and mission? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best WordPress church website themes that combine elegance, functionality, and ease-of-use. Whether you’re a small congregation or a large ministry, these themes will help you create a website that fosters community, shares your message, and keeps your congregation informed.

So, let’s explore these themes and find the ideal choice to make your church’s online presence truly shine!

As with all of our WordPress theme reviews – we highly recommend that you check individual themes to see all of their styles. While we try to cover each theme’s key features and strengths as much as possible, some themes do have up to ten different variations that you can choose from! ✌️

My Religion

My Religion
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1 March 2023YesNo1.05s

The My Religion theme by cmsmasters is a beautifully designed WordPress theme tailored for both traditional and modern churches and religious organizations. It excels in providing a platform for church events, community gatherings, and accomplishing fundraising goals. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this theme is a perfect choice for setting up a church or religious institution’s website.

Key Features

My Religion stands out as one of the best WordPress church website themes for several reasons. Some of its most notable features include:

  1. Sermons Post Type: By integrating the Sermon Post Type, this theme allows you to share your inspiring sermons online, foster closer interaction with your congregation, and create a strong digital presence for your church.
  2. Donations Functionality: With the custom cmsmasters donations plugin (included for free), collecting donations directly from your church website becomes a breeze. Whether it’s for your church or a specific cause you support, this functionality is essential for any religion website.
  3. Events Calendar Support: Schedule and showcase church events using the popular Events Calendar plugin. This feature allows you to attract more visitors, keep your congregation updated and engaged, and streamline event organization.
  4. WooCommerce Integration: ‘My Religion’ theme allows you to sell products on your church website, helping you raise funds for your religious projects and causes.
  5. Responsive and Retina Ready: The theme’s design is fully responsive, ensuring optimal appearance across all devices, whether it’s desktops, mobile phones, or tablets. Additionally, it is retina-ready so that it provides crisp images and high-quality presentation across high-resolution screens.
  6. Custom Admin Panel, Widgets, Shortcodes, and Post Types: This theme’s customizability is unmatched with its extended admin panel, custom widgets, 99+ custom shortcodes, and unique post types. You can tailor your website to your organization’s specific needs and create a coherent and visually compelling online experience.
  7. Google Fonts and Unlimited Menu Colors: ‘My Religion’ theme offers hundreds of Google Fonts and unlimited menu colors to help you personalize your website and reflect your church’s unique identity and spirit. Customize every aspect with ease and create a visually engaging presence in line with your community’s expectations.

In summary, the My Religion theme offers a feature-rich experience, high customizability, and a visually stunning design that places it among the best WordPress church website themes available. With its user-friendly features, seamless integration with popular plugins, and exceptional design, this theme helps you establish a strong online presence for your church or religious institution, connecting people, spreading your message, and creating a space for meaningful engagement.


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November 10, 2022YesNo1.25s

Churhius is a premium WordPress theme designed specifically for churches, religious organizations, and non-profit groups. Developed by Monkeysan, the theme boasts a clean and modern design with a range of features that cater to the needs of religious communities. Its versatile design and compatibility with several popular plugins make it worthy of being featured on the list of the best WordPress church website themes.

Key Features

One of the standout features of Churhius is its compatibility with several popular plugins, such as Give Plugin, Events Calendar Plugin, WooCommerce, and Sermons for Churches plugin. This provides your church website with functionality for fundraising, event management, and online sermons.

The theme comes with 2 pre-defined homepages, 6 headers, 2 footers, and a variety of other useful pages, including About Us, Leadership, Ministries, Sermons, and more. It also provides 38 custom shortcode elements and 8 custom widgets, allowing you to create unique and engaging content throughout your website.

Churhius is WPML-ready for multilingual support, ensuring that language barriers won’t prevent your church community from engaging with your content. Furthermore, the theme is easy to set up with One-Click Demo Installation and includes a child theme to enable safe customizations.

Notable Aspects

Churhius stands out with its events and sermons pages, which are specifically designed for the religious niche while also being aesthetically pleasing. You can also showcase video galleries from YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram on your website.

The theme’s WooCommerce integration allows for the creation of an online store to generate revenue for your organization or to sell religious materials. Additionally, Churhius seamlessly incorporates MailPoet, Contact Form 7, and Mailchimp plugins, enabling effective communication with your audience through newsletters and contact forms.


In summary, Churhius is a versatile and feature-rich theme perfect for any church or religious organization seeking a professionally designed online presence. With its slew of features tailored specifically for the religious niche, compatibility with popular plugins, and an elegant design, it is no surprise that Churhius is considered one of the best WordPress church website themes available.

Holy Church

Holy Church
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10 March 2023NoYes1.12s

Holy Church is a beautifully crafted, modern and versatile non-profit WordPress theme, brought to you by the renowned developers at AncoraThemes. Designed specifically for churches, prayer groups, Christian organizations, charities, and non-profit organizations, it offers everything you need to create an engaging and comprehensive website for your community or congregation.

This theme boasts an array of exceptional features, making it a top contender in the realm of best WordPress church websites themes. Not only does it offer the user-friendliness of both Elementor and WooCommerce compatibility, but it also provides powerful built-in functionalities that cater to the unique requirements of religious organizations.


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30 April 2023NoYes1.03s

Hallelujah is an exquisite church and religion Elementor WordPress theme created by Axiomthemes. Specially designed for churches, prayer groups, Christian communities, and non-profit organizations, this theme offers a great platform for religious leaders and volunteers alike. With its modern and professional design, you can showcase sermons, ministries, events, lectures, testimonies, staff members, and much more.

Detailed overview

  • Modern and Professional Design – Hallelujah has a visually appealing and clean design, yet maintains a professional touch throughout. The theme’s layout showcases your church’s content in a neat, organized manner while providing an innovative and modern user experience.
  • Elementor Support – This theme comes with full Elementor page builder support, allowing you to easily create versatile layouts and modify the content on the page effortlessly. You can customize the header, footer, and other layouts within the page builder to create the perfect design for your church’s website.
  • Event Management – Hallelujah theme includes The Events Calendar plugin, allowing you to create and showcase events, such as summer camp and Sunday School, live streaming, Bible studies, and much more. Easily manage your events, registrations, and display them in a user-friendly manner on your website.
  • Give – Donation Plugin – Raising funds for your church or non-profit organization is made easy with the Give plugin integration. Accept donations, track donors, and generate detailed reports for your fundraising campaigns.
  • Responsive & Mobile-friendly – This theme is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring that your content is displayed perfectly across various devices and screen sizes. Users can access and navigate your church’s website on their mobiles, tablets, and desktops without any issues.
  • Custom Widgets and Shortcodes – Hallelujah comes loaded with custom widgets and shortcodes, enabling you to extend the functionality of your website without writing any code. Enjoy creative freedom while designing your website with these custom features.
  • Continued Support and Updates – With professional support, regular updates, and detailed documentation provided by Axiomthemes, you’re guaranteed to have a smooth and hassle-free experience while setting up and maintaining your church website.

Overall, the Hallelujah theme stands out among other church website themes with its modern design, excellent features, and user-friendly interface. It is suitable for contemporary churches and religious organizations looking for a powerful and flexible solution for their online presence. With tons of customization options and easy-to-use features, Hallelujah will greatly enhance your church’s website and engage your community members.


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10 February 2023YesYes1.13s

Zegen is a powerful and versatile WordPress theme specifically designed for churches, non-profit organizations, modern churches, prayer groups, and God leadership academies. Developed by zozothemes, Zegen offers a wide array of features tailored to meet the unique needs of religious and faith-based communities.

Detailed review

One of the reasons Zegen stands out among other WordPress church website themes is its exceptional compatibility with the Elementor Page Builder. With this drag and drop builder, customizing your website has never been easier.

An impressive set of shortcodes further elevates the theme’s functionality. These shortcodes include sermons, ministries, events, testimonies, staff members, and church location, all of which can effortlessly enhance the website’s user experience.

Zegen is also highly customizable, offering unlimited header and footer layout options, as well as custom colors and typography choices. The theme features high-quality responsive design and is Retina-ready, ensuring that your website is accessible across a multitude of devices and screen resolutions.

  • Social media integration, custom widget options, and easy translation capabilities are just a few more features that make this theme a valuable choice for faith-based organizations.
  • Zegen has an incomparable list of built-in features that propel it to the status of a top choice among WordPress church themes. Compatibility with popular plugins, such as WPML and RTL, make it possible to create websites in multiple languages for a broader impact.
  • Moreover, Zegen’s one-click demo import feature ensures that you can have your website up and running in no time, while its Bootstrap 5.x compatibility guarantees seamless functionality.

In addition to all these features, Zegen’s design and performance on both desktop and mobile devices are exceptional, making it an ideal choice for making your church’s online presence stand out.


Given its numerous features, versatility, and high compatibility with key website building tools, Zegen by zozothemes is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress church website themes available. Its ease of use, customization options, and powerful performance demonstrate why it’s an excellent investment for your church or non-profit organization. So, don’t hesitate to give Zegen a try and see the positive impact it can make on your online presence.


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1 September 2021YesNo1.05s

Chapel, developed by Elated-Themes, is a modern and elegant WordPress theme specifically designed for churches, religious institutions, and nonprofit organizations. The theme incorporates a clean and contemporary design with useful features specifically created to cater to the needs of churches, including accepting donations and announcing events.

Key Features

Chapel comes with a plethora of key features that make it a powerful choice for building an impressive, functional, and easy-to-use website for your religious institution or nonprofit organization.

  • Variety of layouts: Chapel offers a large collection of home and inner pages, allowing you to create a website tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. The theme’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface ensures that you don’t need any coding knowledge to set up and customize your website.
  • Responsiveness and Retina-readiness: The theme is fully responsive, ensuring that your website will look great on any device or screen size. Chapel is also retina-ready, so your images will be sharp and clear on high-resolution displays.
  • Page Builder and Slider Revolution: Chapel comes with WPBakery Page Builder ($64 value) and Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin ($26 value) included. These powerful tools make it easy to create stunning and engaging content for your site.
  • Compatibility with important plugins: The theme is compatible with The Events Calendar plugin and the GiveWP – Donation Plugin, allowing you to easily manage events and accept donations for your organization. Other useful shortcodes such as Events List, Cause List, and Donation make it even easier to showcase your nonprofit’s activities.
  • Customizability: Chapel offers a powerful admin panel, extensive typography options, various infographic elements, and over 800 Google Fonts. This allows for full personalization and the ability to make your website stand out from the rest.
  • One-page site functionality: The theme offers anchor functionality, which enables you to create a one-page website, making navigation smoother for your visitors.

With all these features and more, Chapel deserves to be featured as one of the top choices for church and religious institution websites. Its combination of elegant design, user-friendly functionality, and an impressive array of features makes it a compelling option for anyone looking to create a meaningful and engaging online presence for their organization.


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25 April 2023YesYes1.14s

Vestry, designed and developed by TrueThemes, is a stunning Church and Religion Events WordPress Theme that offers valuable features, functionality, and design elements for any religious or nonprofit organization. The theme has been created in consultation with UPQODE, a professional WordPress maintenance and custom website design agency based in Nashville. Vestry has everything it takes to make a strong impact on the digital world for any religious institutions, nonprofit organizations or community-focused projects.

Detailed review

Vestry’s unique features include a variety of service and dedication pages, such as About Us, Community, Mission, Sermons, Donation, and Events. These pages provide a strong foundation for an organization to showcase its services, beliefs, goals, sermons, and ongoing events. All of these elements contribute to Vestry’s standing as an outstanding candidate among the best WordPress church website themes.

Moreover, Vestry is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. With its high-end research and design, the theme is visually appealing and easy to navigate, making it perfect for any organization that values user-friendly and highly functional websites.

Vestry is also compatible with numerous premium plugins, such as Contact Form 7, AudioIgniter, Give – Donation plugin, Events Calendar, Elementor, WooCommerce, and Gutenberg. The plugins will help any organization to easily customize and enhance the functionality of the theme as needed, making the setup process a breeze.

Lastly, the theme comes with well-documented instructions and support, ensuring that even non-technical users can get their site up and running flawlessly. This exceptional level of support and flexibility makes Vestry an excellent choice for any religious institution or nonprofit organization looking for a high-quality and user-friendly WordPress theme.


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April 21, 2023YesNo1.17s

Salvation is a powerful and comprehensive WordPress theme designed by cmsmasters, specifically crafted for churches and religious organizations. With its unbeatable array of features, Salvation offers a one-stop solution for creating visually stunning and feature-rich websites. The theme incorporates functionalities like custom sermons, donations, event management, and many other essential features tailored to fulfill the requirements of any church or religious organization.

Key Features

Salvation offers a remarkable range of features that make it a perfect fit to be listed among the best WordPress church website themes. Some of the key features that set it apart are:

  1. Custom Sermons Functionality: Salvation comes with a unique sermons post type, allowing users to add custom sermons with support for audio and video. This feature makes it incredibly easy to manage and display sermons on your website.
  2. Donations Plugin: The theme includes the custom cmsmasters Donations plugin, allowing churches and religious organizations to collect funds and run multiple fundraisers simultaneously. This plugin makes it easier than ever to manage and showcase your charitable initiatives.
  3. Events Calendar Integration: Salvation is fully integrated with the popular Events Calendar plugin, enabling users to promote special events and scheduling on their websites. The theme offers necessary styles and adaptations for seamless integration with the calendar.
  4. Custom Admin Panel: The theme comes with an extensively modified WordPress admin panel that offers a vast variety of options and settings, allowing users to customize their websites effortlessly.
  5. Responsive & Retina Ready Design: Salvation boasts a fully responsive and retina-ready design that ensures your website looks fantastic on all devices, from large desktop screens to mobile phones and tablets.
  6. 99+ Custom Shortcodes: With over 99 custom shortcodes to choose from, Salvation offers a plethora of building blocks to help users create stunning and functional pages easily.
  7. Google Fonts & Unlimited Menu Colors: Salvation enables users to choose from hundreds of Google fonts and an unlimited number of menu colors, ensuring that their website adheres perfectly to their organization’s style and brand guidelines.

In conclusion, the Salvation theme is an outstanding choice for any church or religious organization looking to create a powerful and visually stunning website. With its extensive array of features and easy customization options, it’s no wonder that it has quickly become one of the top WordPress themes for church websites.

New Life

New Life
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27 October 2022NoYes1.16s

New Life is a versatile and modern theme crafted by Axiomthemes. Specially designed to cater to churches, religious organizations, and non-profit organizations, this responsive theme provides a sleek and user-friendly design that showcases your content and services in the best possible light. Let’s dive into the theme’s outstanding features and what makes it stand out among the best WordPress church websites themes.

Key Features

The New Life theme offers a professional design that includes a one-click demo installation to help you get started with ease. Built with HTML5 and CSS3 code, the theme guarantees tested and approved compatibility with WordPress 4.0+ and cross-browser compatibility with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE11+. Retina image support, user menu, and main menu support ensure your website displays beautifully and cleanly.

One of the strongest features of New Life is its flexibility in terms of layout options. This theme is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly, allowing your congregation and the broader community to access your website seamlessly from any device. The theme also comes with Elementor support, a powerful page builder that enables you to easily modify any page’s content, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of your site.

The theme’s compatibility with a wide selection of plugins ensures seamless setup and management of your website. Some of these plugins include Contact Form 7, Give – Donation Plugin, Mailchimp for WordPress, WooCommerce, and The Events Calendar, among others. This theme also comes with the Give plugin, a charity donation feature, as well as WooCommerce compatibility for online merchandise sales.

Free Church

Free Church
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23rd March 2023YesNo1.03s

Free Church is a theme created by ThemeREX, which is a clean and modern WordPress theme specifically designed for churches, religious communities, prayer groups, and non-profit organizations. Crafted by a team of experienced developers, this theme has been tailored to suit the needs of any church, providing a range of features that assist in spreading the message of spirituality and assisting with fundraising and community-building efforts.

The Free Church theme stands out amongst the best WordPress church websites themes because it blends flexibility and functionality with a visually stunning yet straightforward design. The theme comes equipped with an array of tools to help you build an engaging and informative website that caters to your church’s unique requirements.

Key Features

  • Gutenberg Compatible: The theme is compatible with Gutenberg – the new and improved WordPress editor that allows you to effortlessly create content.
  • Professional Design: With its clean layout and responsive design, this theme offers a visually appealing user experience that adapts to any device or screen size.
  • One-Click Demo Install: Setting up your new site is hassle-free with the one-click demo install feature. Import and modify content quickly and easily to get your site up and running in no time.
  • Customizable Layout: Free Church offers boxed and full-width page layouts, the ability to customize header and footer styles using WPBakery Page Builder, and a wide range of typography and color options to make your site truly unique.
  • Advanced Blog Settings: Showcase your church’s latest news, sermons, and updates through multiple blog post formats, animations, related posts, and customizable feed options.
  • Event Calendar Integration: Keep your congregation informed about upcoming events, prayer meetings, and church functions with the popular Events Calendar plugin.
  • WooCommerce Integration: Turn your website into a religious store, selling Christian literature, gifts, apparel, and more.
  • ThemeREX Donations Plugin: Use the powerful fundraising features provided by the ThemeREX Donations plugin to accept donations and manage charitable campaigns.
  • Bonus Support for Sermons: As a bonus, Free Church allows you to upload audio and video files for your sermons, allowing your congregation to access and download your messages at their convenience.

Why We Like It

In summary, the Free Church theme truly deserves its spot among the best WordPress church website themes. It provides a complete package of design, functionality, and adaptability – everything necessary for building a comprehensive and engaging church website. Whether it’s for a Baptist, Protestant, or Christian Church, this theme offers an impressive array of features that cater to every aspect of a church site, ensuring visitors are engaged and informed while your community continues to grow.

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