Best SSL Certificate Providers & Services Best SSL Certificate Providers & Services

The 10 Best SSL Certificate Providers & Services

A critical look at top SSL certificate providers for maximum web security.

The digital handshake between a browser and a server is facilitated by SSL certificates. They encrypt data, validate identities, and in essence, ensure that the coffee shop Wi-Fi doesn’t become a hunting ground for data thieves. Yet, not all SSL certificates are created equal, nor are the providers that offer them. So how do you sort through the myriad of choices to pin down what’s not just good, but best for you?

Diving into the world of SSL certificate providers can feel like navigating an intricate maze, replete with varying cost structures, validation levels, and degrees of customer support. Each provider seems to offer a special sauce, but determining which concoction actually enhances security without breaking the bank can be a challenge. And let’s be honest, few things can be as unnerving as the realization that your choice of SSL certificate is the weak link in your cybersecurity chain.

This article aims to demystify that maze. We’ll take a critical look at top providers, evaluating them not just on price or popularity, but on their ability to offer robust, reliable, and, above all, secure SSL certificates. By the end, the goal is to arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision, one that keeps both your website and its visitors well protected.

DigiCert SSL

World’s Largest High-Assurance SSL Certificates Provider

DigiCert SSL is a globally recognized provider of high-assurance SSL certificates. As the world’s largest certificate authority, it has been serving a vast number of businesses, governments, and educational institutions for over a decade. DigiCert SSL is renowned for its advanced technology and superior customer service. It offers a wide range of security solutions designed to protect sensitive data and build trust with your website’s visitors.

The company’s primary mission is to make the internet more secure. It accomplishes this by providing robust encryption through its SSL certificates. These certificates verify the identity of your website and encrypt all data transmitted between your server and your visitors’ browsers. By using DigiCert SSL, you can assure your customers that their information is safe from prying eyes.

Key Features

  • High-Assurance Certificates: DigiCert SSL provides high-assurance certificates that validate not just your domain ownership but also your organization’s identity. This gives additional credibility to your website.
  • Strong Encryption: DigiCert offers robust encryption with all its certificates, ensuring that all data transmitted between your server and your visitors’ browsers are secure.
  • Superior Customer Support: The company prides itself on its top-notch customer support, which includes expert technical support and quick certificate issuance.


DigiCert SSL offers several pricing tiers based on the type of certificate you need. Its prices range from $207 per year for a standard SSL certificate to $299 per year for an Extended Validation (EV) certificate. The company also offers discounts for multi-year purchases.

Let’s Encrypt

A Free, Automated, and Open Certificate Authority Provided by the Non-Profit ISRG

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). It provides digital certificates to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for websites, which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

The mission of Let’s Encrypt is to create a more secure and privacy-respecting web by promoting the widespread adoption of HTTPS. Their services are designed to be as simple and automated as possible to help eliminate the current complex process of manual creation, validation, signing, installation, and renewal of certificates for secure websites.

Key Features

  • Free SSL/TLS Certificates: Let’s Encrypt provides digital certificates at no cost to encourage the use of HTTPS encryption on websites.
  • Automatic Certificate Management: The service automates the process of certificate issuance and renewal, reducing the complexity typically associated with these tasks.
  • Open Standard Technology: Let’s Encrypt utilizes an open standard called ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment) allowing compatible software to communicate with their service for certificate management.


Let’s Encrypt is provided by ISRG, a public benefit organization. The service is offered at no cost to users. Donations are accepted from those who wish to support their mission.

Comodo SSL

Affordable SSL Certificates with 99.9% Browser Recognition

Comodo SSL is a globally renowned provider of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates. These certificates are crucial tools in the modern digital landscape, offering a layer of security that is essential for any website handling sensitive data. Comodo SSL’s certificates are particularly notable for their affordability and wide recognition across internet browsers, making them an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes seeking to secure their online operations.

The company offers a range of SSL certificate types to cater to varying business needs. Whether you’re running a small blog or an expansive e-commerce platform, Comodo SSL has a security solution tailored to your specific requirements. The company’s commitment to affordable cybersecurity solutions does not compromise the quality and reliability of its products, as evidenced by its impressive 99.9% browser recognition rate.

Key Features

  • Variety of Certificate Types: Comodo SSL offers different types of certificates such as Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates. This variety ensures that businesses can select the level of security that best suits their needs.
  • 99.9% Browser Recognition: Comodo’s SSL certificates are recognized and trusted by almost all browsers, ensuring seamless browsing experiences for users irrespective of their browser choice.
  • Affordable Pricing: Despite offering high-quality SSL certificates, Comodo maintains affordable pricing structures, making it accessible for businesses with varying budget constraints.


Comodo’s pricing structure varies depending on the type and duration of the certificate purchased. For instance:

  • A basic Domain Validation (DV) certificate starts from $7.27 per year.
  • An Organization Validation (OV) certificate starts from $27.44 per year.
  • An Extended Validation (EV) certificate starts from $77.95 per year.

Please note that these prices are subject to change based on specific business requirements and promotional offerings by Comodo SSL.

GeoTrust SSL

Trusted Digital Certificate Provider Offering a Range of SSL Certificates

GeoTrust SSL is a highly regarded provider of digital certificates, offering a comprehensive range of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. As one of the world’s largest digital certificate providers, GeoTrust SSL has earned its reputation by providing cutting-edge encryption and security solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Its diverse portfolio of SSL certificates caters to varying needs, from small websites seeking basic encryption to large enterprises requiring advanced security solutions.

GeoTrust SSL’s main objective is to secure online transactions and create trust between businesses and their customers. It achieves this through its robust security protocols and high-standard encryption techniques. The company’s SSL certificates are universally recognized by leading browsers, which means users can be assured that their information is protected when they see the GeoTrust seal on a website.

Key Features

  • Variety of SSL Certificates: GeoTrust offers a wide range of SSL certificates, including Domain Validated (DV), Organization Validated (OV), and Extended Validation (EV) certificates. These cater to different levels of security needs.
  • Strong Encryption: All GeoTrust SSL certificates provide up to 256-bit encryption, ensuring that sensitive data is securely transmitted over the internet.
  • GeoTrust Site Seal: The GeoTrust Site Seal serves as a visual indicator that the website is secure. This helps build trust with visitors and can lead to higher conversion rates.


GeoTrust offers flexible pricing options depending on the type of certificate chosen:

  • QuickSSL Premium: Starting at $74 per year
  • True BusinessID: Starting at $99 per year
  • True BusinessID with EV: Starting at $149 per year
  • True BusinessID Wildcard: Starting at $399 per year

Thawte SSL

Thawte SSL Certificates
Globally Recognized Certificate Authority Providing Comprehensive SSL Solutions

Thawte SSL is a globally recognized certificate authority that provides comprehensive SSL solutions. As an integral part of the cybersecurity landscape, Thawte SSL ensures the secure transmission of data between web servers and browsers through its Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. The company has been in operation for over two decades, earning a reputation for its robust security features and diverse product offerings.

Thawte SSL’s primary focus is on providing high-grade encryption services to businesses of all sizes. They offer a range of SSL certificates, each designed to cater to specific business needs. Whether you’re a small business owner looking for basic domain validation or a large enterprise in need of an extended validation certificate, Thawte has got you covered.

Key Features

  • Wide Range of SSL Certificates: Thawte offers Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates, catering to various business requirements.
  • Strong Encryption: All Thawte SSL certificates come with up to 256-bit encryption, ensuring that your data is secure during transmission.
  • Global Recognition: Thawte is recognized by 99%+ of browsers worldwide, making it a reliable choice for businesses looking to boost their website’s credibility.


Thawte’s pricing structure varies depending on the type of SSL certificate you choose. Here’s a general overview:

  • Domain Validation (DV) certificates start at $149 per year
  • Organization Validation (OV) certificates start at $199 per year
  • Extended Validation (EV) certificates start at $299 per year

GlobalSign SSL

Providing Identity Services and Highly Scalable PKI Solutions

GlobalSign SSL is a renowned provider of identity services and highly scalable PKI solutions. As a trusted name in the security industry, GlobalSign offers a comprehensive suite of SSL certificates designed to provide strong encryption and authentication for websites, thereby enhancing trust and confidence among site visitors. These SSL certificates are backed by robust technology and extensive customer support, making them a preferred choice for many organizations across the globe.

GlobalSign’s SSL certificates are designed to deliver high assurance security solutions that meet the diverse needs of businesses. They offer a range of certificate types including Domain Validated (DV), Organization Validated (OV), and Extended Validation (EV) certificates. Each certificate comes with its own set of features, allowing businesses to choose the one that best suits their security requirements.

Key Features

  • Highly Scalable PKI Solutions: GlobalSign offers highly scalable PKI solutions that can be easily integrated into any IT environment. This allows businesses to manage all their digital certificates from a single platform, thereby reducing complexity and improving efficiency.
  • Strong Encryption: All GlobalSign SSL certificates come with strong encryption that protects sensitive data from being intercepted during transmission. This ensures that your website transactions are secure and your customers’ data is safe.
  • Wide Compatibility: GlobalSign’s SSL Certificates are compatible with all major browsers, servers, applications, and devices. This ensures smooth functioning of your website across different platforms.


GlobalSign offers flexible pricing options for its SSL certificates. The cost varies depending on the type of certificate you choose:

  • Domain Validated (DV) Certificates start at $249 per year
  • Organization Validated (OV) Certificates start at $349 per year
  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificates start at $599 per year


Specializing in Fast Issuance of Low Cost and Free SSL Certificates

RapidSSL is a trusted provider of SSL certificates, offering a quick and cost-effective solution for securing customer transactions on your website. It is part of the larger DigiCert family, one of the most recognized names in the digital certificate industry. RapidSSL specializes in fast issuance of low-cost and free SSL certificates, providing up to 256-bit data encryption and site authentication.

The company’s primary focus is on offering affordable, yet robust security solutions to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With RapidSSL, you can expect a straightforward and efficient process for obtaining SSL certificates, allowing you to secure your online transactions and increase customer trust in your website.

Key Features

  • Fast Issuance: RapidSSL lives up to its name by providing SSL certificates quickly. The automated validation process ensures that you can receive your certificate within minutes of requesting it.
  • Strong Encryption: Despite its affordability, RapidSSL does not compromise on security. It provides up to 256-bit data encryption, ensuring that your customers’ sensitive information is well-protected.
  • Free Reissues: RapidSSL offers free unlimited reissues for the lifetime of the certificate. This means if you lose your certificate or need to make changes, you can get a new one at no additional cost.


RapidSSL offers two main types of SSL certificates: RapidSSL Certificate and RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate. The former starts at $17.95 per year while the latter costs $149 per year. Both come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with their service.

Entrust Datacard

Secure Identity Solutions for Customers, Citizens & Employees

Entrust Datacard is a prominent player in the realm of SSL certificate providers, offering secure identity solutions for a broad spectrum of users – customers, citizens, and employees alike. As a trusted provider, Entrust Datacard prides itself on its robust security measures and its commitment to safeguarding sensitive information. The company’s SSL certificates are designed to provide the highest level of encryption and browser compatibility, ensuring that your website’s data remains secure from any potential threats.

The main purpose of Entrust Datacard’s SSL certificates is to establish secure connections between a web server and a browser. By doing so, they ensure that all data passed between the two remains private and integral. This is particularly important for websites that handle sensitive information such as credit card numbers or personal user data.

Key Features

  • High Assurance SSL Certificates: Entrust Datacard provides high assurance SSL certificates which offer the maximum level of trust to visitors by displaying visual security indicators like a padlock icon or a green address bar.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates: These allow you to secure multiple subdomains with one certificate, providing an economical and efficient way to protect your entire web presence.
  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates: EV certificates offer the highest level of assurance by requiring rigorous validation checks before issuance. They also display your company name in the browser address bar, providing additional trust signals to visitors.


Entrust Datacard offers various pricing options depending on the type of certificate needed. Standard SSL certificates start at $199 per year, while wildcard SSL certificates start at $699 per year. For those requiring higher levels of assurance, EV SSL certificates start at $299 per year. Please note that these prices are subject to change and it’s always best to check Entrust Datacard’s official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.


Trusted Identity Solutions, Including Secure Email & Document Signing Services

IdenTrust is a globally recognized provider of trusted identity solutions. As a part of HID Global, a leading provider of identity solutions, IdenTrust offers a wide range of services including secure email and document signing services. The company has been in operation since 1999 and has since earned the trust of numerous organizations worldwide for its robust security measures and reliable service.

IdenTrust’s primary offering is its digital certificates that provide the foundation for trusted identities. These certificates are used in various applications such as secure email, legally binding digital signatures, website security, and encryption. With its commitment to maintaining the highest level of trust and security, IdenTrust has become an essential tool for businesses looking to protect their digital assets.

Key Features

  • Trusted Identity Solutions: IdenTrust provides digital certificates that are widely accepted by government agencies, corporations, and legal entities worldwide. These certificates form the basis for trusted identities used in various applications.
  • Secure Email & Document Signing Services: With IdenTrust’s services, users can send secure emails and digitally sign documents with legally binding signatures. This feature ensures the integrity and confidentiality of your digital communications.
  • Comprehensive Support: IdenTrust provides comprehensive support to its users with a dedicated customer service team. They offer assistance with certificate installation, renewal, revocation, and more.


IdenTrust offers different types of digital certificates at varying prices to cater to different needs. The Personal Certificates start at $19.95 per year while the Business Certificates start at $299 per year. For more specific needs like Adobe CDS Certificates or TrustID Certificates for secure email and document signing services, you may need to contact their sales team for detailed pricing information.


Cost-Effective, High-Quality, and Easy-to-Implement Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates

AlphaSSL is a renowned provider of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates. It is a subsidiary of GlobalSign, one of the longest-standing Certificate Authorities and specialists in SSL technology. AlphaSSL offers a range of cost-effective, high-quality, and easy-to-implement SSL certificates. The main aim of these certificates is to secure the transfer of sensitive data over web servers, mail servers, and other server types using encryption.

AlphaSSL’s certificate offerings are designed to provide robust security solutions for businesses of all sizes. They focus on providing the highest levels of data encryption, enabling businesses to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their customer data while also enhancing their credibility by showing customers that their information is protected.

Key Features

  • Strong Encryption: AlphaSSL provides strong 2048 bit root encryption. This ensures that any data transferred between your server and your clients remains confidential and tamper-proof.
  • Fast Issuance Time: AlphaSSL has one of the fastest issuance times in the industry. They can issue an SSL certificate within minutes after verification.
  • Cost-Effective: AlphaSSL offers affordable security solutions without compromising on quality or security levels. They offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry for their high-quality certificates.


The pricing for AlphaSSL certificates varies depending on the type and validity period:

  • Single Domain SSL Certificate starts from $45 per year.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate that secures unlimited sub-domains starts from $150 per year.
  • Multi-Domain SSL Certificate that secures multiple domains starts from $100 per year.


Navigating the crowded field of SSL certificate providers doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Armed with the right information and a clear understanding of your own needs, you can sift through the noise to find a solution that provides robust security without busting your budget.