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Advertise on Stack Diary

Thank you for being interested in advertising with us. This page contains all the information and sponsorship types we offer.

Display ads

At the moment, we offer one option for banner ads.

Above article title.

Interested in getting your brand name/product displayed as the first thing when people visit our articles? We accept 728×90 size banners.



Want to get your brand in front of an engaged audience? This is for you!

Logo Display

Get your brand’s logo displayed at the end of every article we write. This is limited to 3 brand logos only!


Sponsored Post

Let’s work on a useful article, that gets you the right attention, and withstands the test of time.


Featured Listing

Want your brand to be mentioned in an existing article on our site? While we don’t guarantee always saying yes – if there is a good fit, we’re happy to discuss placements in articles we’ve already written.

$499 per placement per year (our subjective placement position)

$699 per placement per 3 months (featured on top, then moved down)

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