Affiliate Disclosure


⟶ The short version

Some of our published blog posts contain affiliate links. If you end up clicking on such a link and make a purchase, we’ll earn a commision from the product seller. This does not affect the final price of the product/service.

We use the revenue from these commisions to keep the site up and running.

⟶ Spotting affiliate links

Our affiliate links use the following structure:
and will typically be inserted behind buttons such as “More Information / Download”, “Preview”, “Demo”, but also traditional plain-text links.

Lastly, we’ve been building things on the web since the early 2000s. This gives us an extraordinary track record of experience, which we can use to discern an average product from one that will genuinely help with your specific inquiry. If we don’t like a particular product ourselves, it makes no sense to try and sell it to you. It’s that simple.

A word on bias

A stigma around affiliate marketing is that a brand will say anything about a product just to make a sale. Well, this is not our approach to things. Rather than partnering up with anyone and everyone, we carefully select the brands and sellers we wish to work with.

This lets us create an experience wherein the majority of the cases you might already be familiar with the brand we have teamed up with. Above all, by being selective in our affiliate partnerships – we don’t need to pretend a certain product or service is great. We know it is because they’re products and services we are happy to use ourselves.

In short, being an affiliate does not influence the opinion or conclusion of the reviews published on this website. If a certain feature is bad, we’ll tell you.


It is a requirement by the FTC to disclose affiliations.

But, on a more transparent note – we love to produce great content and have the community respond to it in a positive way. Unfortunately, great content (in-depth tutorials, guides on the newest technologies, and software) doesn’t provide a reliable means to pay the bills.

And affiliate marketing is a means to supplement that gap. The majority of our best content has nothing to do with affiliate product promotions. We’d like to keep it that way.