Next.js Component Libraries - Where Are They?

Next.js Component Libraries

There looks to be a bit of confusion as to why there aren't any explicit component libraries built for Next.js, with the occasional exception. So this article will answer the question, but also provide clarity on where to get Next.js component libraries.

First, Next.js is a React-based framework, which means that it inherits much of how React.js works, including the file system (but not since Next.js 13), and many of the functions, not including everything that Next brings to the table itself.

Long story short, if you're looking for component libraries and/or design systems for Next.js, you should look up React-based libraries, as most of them will work with Next. Several React.js component libraries provide the necessary installation steps for Next out of the box.


Check out any of the libraries mentioned in the above article.

Most of them should have a separate section in the documentation that shows how to install that specific library for Next.js projects.

An alternative method to work with Next.js is to use pre-made templates, which will be an entirely new article on the topic.